Living Room

Living Room

Traditionally, the living room was the area in the home designated for receiving guests.

However, in our modern life, people often choose to entertain guests outside of the home instead of inviting them in. Whereas many older homes had a formal living room, and an informal family room, most newer homes have only one area that has the function of both.

The living and/or family rooms represent our social standing, and our social life. In Feng Shui, this life area is often associated with rank.

The furniture arrangement of this room (or rooms) mirrors the internal decisions that we have made regarding our role in society.

Our living spaces influence our fame and reputation.

People were not designed to be loners, but to thrive in the midst of a community. Every person has a role to play in that community. The more connected a person is, the better their chances of doing well in life.

This is true for both extroverts and introverts.

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