The Foyer


The foyer is the area in the home that serves as a buffer or a filter between the outside world and the inside world.

In or near the foyer, you keep things that help you get home or that help you leave the home.

This is where visitors are stopped before a decision is made of whether they are to come into the rest of the home or not. It also is a place for handshakes, hugs and kisses as you say hello or goodbye.

In the United States, many people come home through the back door, often the kitchen door, or through a door that connects the garage or driveway to the home. These homes have a primary and a secondary foyer.

The primary foyer, the one connected to the front door, is the most important, because it is there where first-time visitors are directed.

The secondary foyer is the space where the people who live in a home first come in when they walk into the house through a side or back entrance. This secondary foyer is also important because it is the first thing people see when they come home.

The foyer means opportunities.

How the foyer welcomes you, or fails to welcome you into the home, influences how you perceive your home as a whole.

The first things you see as you enter lead you to think about certain things. Those thoughts then direct you to make unconscious decisions that in turn become actions. Some of these actions may be beneficial for you, and others detrimental.

When you learn how to make the right choices in your foyer, you will create a positive feedback loop for yourself and your family that you will be able to enjoy as you come home every day.

In Feng Shui, the foyer is symbolically connected to the life area called Career, Life Mission and Individuality.

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