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Many people want to use Feng Shui to improve the look and feel of their homes, but they don't know where to start. There is so much information out there and it takes too long to try to sort out what works from what doesn't.

Even when they find good information, they are not sure how to apply it to their homes, and there's no one to answer their questions!

I've been there too. Even though I graduated with a degree in Architecture I made many mistakes when I set up my first home. I could only see that something was wrong after I had put it up. When I tried to learn and apply Feng Shui to my home, I got stuck at every step!

I didn't give up.

I took on the challenge to figure out how to use Feng Shui to create homes that help people be happy!

Now I have put my best knowledge in a members-only website where you can have the information you need at your fingertips.

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It's no fun to feel frustrated, to hate the look of your home, or to be embarrassed to have people over!

I devoted 20 years of my life to study, research and test Feng Shui. Now I can share with you only what works, is easy to apply, and generates the best results.

I can now offer you an easy and inexpensive solution to your problems: The Room by Room Feng Shui and Space Arrangement Members-Only Website.

With this website it becomes so much easier to understand how Feng Shui applies to a home, room by room. In this site you will learn the essence of each room and work on your life areas by working on the room that helps that life area.

  • Work on the foyer to improve career and money making.
  • Work on the living room to improve fame and social life.
  • Work on the dining room to improve health and family.
  • Work on the kitchen to improve wealth.
  • Work on the hallway to improve communication and good luck.
  • Work on children's bedrooms to improve creativity.
  • Work on the master bedroom to improve love.

The results: a home they can feel proud of, less stress, more vitality and increased wealth, hope and happiness.


A beautiful home, less tress, more vitality, increased wealth, hope, and happiness.

When you join this membership site, a secret link and a password will be sent to you so that you can enter a world of Easy to Understand Feng Shui as it applies to the home, room by room. The information is organized in a way you can very easily find what you are looking for.

Under each article there is a section for comments and questions. Every month, I will choose the best questions to add more articles.

Your questions and your input will become part of the content creation for this website, as it grows every month.

I have put so much love into the content for this website that I have no doubt you will love it and that it will help you improve your home and your life.

There is a 30-day-money-back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk.

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My name is Moni and I have made it my mission to take the confusion out of Feng Shui.

With my previous knowledge of architecture, and the help of experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have created a Feng Shui method that makes sense and is easy to learn and apply: the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, which is at the core of all my training programs and books.

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STOP trying things that don't work, racking your brains trying to guess what will be a good investment of time or money for your home.

Instead, get reliable Feng Shui information that will help you turn your current home into your dream home.

STOP being that person who hates their home and is embarrassed to have folks over.

Instead, become that person who is proud to show their home off, but, more importantly, a person who loves and enjoys their home every day with their loved ones!

Get access to amazing articles on the Feng Shui and Space Arrangement of homes, room by room.

NOTE: When you register, please DO NOT opt out of getting emails from me. I need to be able to send you updates once per month, as the password changes month to month. 😊

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