Children’s Rooms

Children’s Rooms

Children are the future, and they are a reminder of our past, of how we used to be, and how we used to feel, when we were unable to take care of ourselves and depended on others for our wellbeing.

Children’s bedrooms, and the way you raise your children, provide you with a chance to improve on the way you were raised.

Because children are so naturally creative, children’s bedrooms are symbolically related to creativity. In homes where there are children, creativity is expressed in the way their bedrooms are organized and decorated. In children’s bedrooms, you have the freedom to do the whimsical and goofy things that you might refrain from doing in other rooms in the home.

When the children move out, many of my students and clients change the use of children’s rooms to accommodate arts and crafts projects that they want to embark on.

In most homes, hobby rooms occupy the spaces originally designated as children’s rooms.

In Feng Shui, children’s rooms represent the life area we call Children, Creativity and Fun.

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