02 – Master Bedroom

02 – Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the place in the home where couples connect with each other.

This room symbolizes how they treat one another, and it shows how committed the partners are to their relationship, how much harmony they are expressing, and whether they have equally important roles in their family life.

The Feng Shui life area connected to the master bedroom is called Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships.

The master bedroom should be a couple’s sanctuary, with three main functions: communication, sleep and lovemaking.

This room should not be the place for activities that detract from its main functions.

Choices for furniture, colors and accessories should be made by the couple, together, to make sure that they both feel comfortable in the room and find it beautiful.

The master bedroom is a room for two people.

Children should not be allowed to invade the master bedroom with their toys and books, and they should ask for permission to come in. (Of course, babies and very small children are the exception.)

Even pets should be denied entrance to the master bedroom at night.

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