Powerful Altars

The Gratitude Box

The Gratitude Box is a manifesting tool. Every religion and belief system known to mankind recommends some kind of prayer and most have found out that the prayer of gratitude is the most effective.

All Creation came from One source and creation is complete. Everything that we might need or wish for has already been given to us, all we have to do is open up to receive the blessings. Gratitude is the magic key by which we can do this.

Place your gratitude box on a horizontal surface at waist height or higher, preferably near the center of the home or anywhere in your home where you feel safe and where it is easy for you to contact feelings of gratitude.

Have small pieces of paper and a pen or pencil next to it.

This is how you work a gratitude box:

1 When something good has happened to you, write a thank you note. To Whom? That is your choice, depending on your belief system… God, Universe, Life, Tao, Heaven

e.g. “Thank You God for the pay raise I got today.”

2 When you want something good to happen to you, write a thank you note. Write it in the present tense or the gerund [-ing]

e.g. “Thank You God because right now you are making a better job available to me.”

3 When you are afraid that something might happen, write a thank you note for its opposite

e.g. If you are afraid of getting fired, write a note that says,

“Thank You God for job security.”

Rules for the Use of the Gratitude Box:

  1. It is best that you do not re-read your gratitude notes.
  2. Respect the privacy of the other members of your household, refrain from reading their notes.
  3. At the end of the year, count the gratitude notes, it is symbolic for counting your blessings.
  4. After counting your blessings, recycle the paper, then start over for the new year!

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