FSFUS-Week-6-23 - Curing Shars or Poison Arrows Inside the Building

Please read the notes under this video, and some additional information videos.

NOTE: Lowe's no longer carries these corner rounds.

You can use 3 quarter rounds, or other types of corner covers that are not sharp themselves.

Home Depot carries some called Alexandria Oak Outside Corner Moulding that works for this purpose.

Amazon carries Cole Smooth Corner Moulding (Ekena Millwork).

houzz.com carries Polystyrene Outside Corner Moulding, Russet

Twin Creeks Log Home Supply has 8" Round White Pine Vertical Log Corner Post - Pie Cut

This is a link where you may find decals to use for corners in apartments: https://www.cafepress.com/fengshuiroom/13040609

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