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Get Things Done the Feng Shui Way with this Tool to Improve Productivity without Increasing Effort

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Instead of Fighting Procrastination, Use It to Your Advantage

How to get things done using the path of least resistance!

Most people agree that procrastination is a bad thing and that unless you eradicate it you will never be productive.

I used to agree.

But then something happened. I procrastinated on something that was important to my kids, beat myself about it, and then it turned out that procrastination saved our lives – literally. This made me reconsider my thoughts about procrastination.

Shortly after, a client who suffered from ADD approached me. He begged me to help him declutter so his wife wouldn't leave him – and mentioned procrastination as his worst trait.

I knew his attention span would not work with any of the home organization methods I could teach him.

So I asked the question "What if?"


What if procrastination, instead of being a form of self-sabotage was actually a protective mechanism that prevents us from doing things that we are not ready to do, or that ultimately would be bad for us?

My client's wife had told him that if in one month she wasn't able to walk through the garage, their marriage would be over.

So I tried a different approach with him. This approach worked. Within a month he had decluttered his whole garage and taken care of paperwork that was very important and which he had been neglecting, in some cases for months, and in other cases for years.

The tool I used with him was inspired in how, during my twenties, I:

  • studied and graduated as an Architect, while
  • attending modern painting classes, while
  • working to support myself and pay for my studies, while
  • dabbling in writing short stories (one of which won a prize) AND
  • partying every weekend!

My method was this: I procrastinated everything that wasn't fun in favor of a good time, yet somehow everything got done when it needed to be done! And it was done superbly. I had great grades, I won prizes, I made good money, and I had a fun life!

Back then, I thought I was so brilliant I was able to thrive in chaos. Now I understand that I was unknowingly tapping into the power of the Deeper Mind, and using procrastination to my advantage.

When working with the client who told me he had ADD I distilled my method into a tool that could be shared with others and that since then many people have used to get unstuck and become unstoppable and productive without added effort. I call this tool The Procrastination List.

To improve a home with the use of Feng Shui, you need to have tools to manage your space, but you also need tools to manage your time. It's about decluttering and organizing the mind.

I want to share this tool with you for a very low price.

Take the plunge, change your life.

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"In the beginning, I procrastinated starting a procrastination list, but once I made one, I accomplished most of the things I put on there on there in a very short time. Some of the items I had put on my list I had been procrastinating for over a year!"

- Meredith, Knoxville, TN

"I took your class on a Thursday, and by Saturday I completed a task that I had been procrastinating doing for three years.It took me less than 20 minutes to do it."

- Anonymous, New York

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