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  • Does having a beautiful home make you feel proud?
  • Can you imagine helping others to feel the same while developing your own interest in Feng Shui and getting paid for it!?
  • Are you interested in improving your health, wealth and happiness by understanding how to use Feng Shui in a really practical and simple 9-step process?

Feng Shui is healing from the outside in.

Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultants help people transform their homes and their lives so they can reach their full potential.

When you become a Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant you get the satisfaction of guiding your clients through a step-by-step method that improves the look and feel of their homes.

As the nine steps are applied to the home, a parallel transformation occurs in the inhabitants of the space.

The result is happy people living in a home they love and are proud to show.


  • You have been very confused by the varying and contradictory information about Feng Shui out there.
  • You've tried to apply the tips to your spaces, with no good results.
  • Applied Feng Shui to your home, and had some results, but your place ended up looking strange.

...then you need a reliable, proven method to learn and practice Feng Shui that:

  • Results in beautiful, comfortable homes.
  • Is easy to remember and apply.
  • Gets you happy clients and great reviews.

If you love Feng Shui and really believe in its power to transform lives, you need to learn how to do it right, so that you can help yourself and others.

Until now you may have been at a loss on what to do, but now you have found a source of reliable information that can help you become a successful Feng Shui Consultant.

The Feng Shui for Us™ Online Consultant Training uses the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, which is the easiest way to learn Feng Shui. It's a method that combines ancient Form School Feng Shui with Modern Architecture, so that you can help your clients create beautiful homes and live happy lives.

And it's all done online. You can learn from the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.

Advance at your own pace, and review the information as many times as you need.

The information is presented clearly, and it is easy to understand and apply.

My background as an architect assists me in delivering advice that creates healthy environments where people feel happy, comfortable and safe – and that also look great!

Get certified from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are in possession of knowledge that empowers you to help your clients, while bringing home a lucrative second income.

Your Feng Shui Guide

Moni Castaneda
Moni Castaneda

My name is Moni and I have made it my mission to take the confusion out of Feng Shui.

I help people turn their current homes into dream homes, where they can be happy with the people they love using a method I created called the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

My signature method draws on my modern architecture training, ancient East Asian space arrangement techniques and the principles of alternative healing. The application of this method results in a home that is a supportive partner.

I work closely with my clients to make the right choices in creating a beautiful home, primed to make wonderful memories and flowing with good chi.

The result of studying or working with me is a life you love in a home that you're proud to show.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance, I'm so glad I followed my gut and chose you as my Feng Shui teacher back when I started! All of the wonderful resources you provide keep me engaged with continued study and give me the confidence that if I come across something I don't know that there's a wealth of information I can refer back to find out. You are such a kind and wonderful teacher 😊.

Katie North
Feng Shui Consultant
United Kingdom


The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, is a step-by-step method to easily learn and apply Feng Shui that combines my three passions:

1 - Feng Shui

2 - Modern Architecture

3 - Alternative Healing


1 - Feng Shui - When I found Feng Shui, it was love at first sight, but... it was so confusing! I set out to sift the true knowledge from the superstitions and disempowering (fear based) beliefs. I did this by going back to the roots of the philosophies and universal truths underlying Feng Shui, as found in the Tao Te Ching, the I-Ching and the healing principles of ancient Chinese medicine. Then I tested all my findings, to figure out what works for our culture and the way we live today.

2 - Modern Architecture - I earned a degree in Architecture from the Central University of Ecuador. I was lucky to have amazing teachers, who taught me about Topology (the study of how shapes inter-relate to each other), Semiology (the study of signs and symbols), and Systems Theory (the study of complex topics by understanding their components and the relationships between them). I used these to put together the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a method that organizes Feng Shui knowledge in a way that is logical, easy to learn, remember, and apply.

3 - Alternative Healing -
I grew up in a culture (South America) where alternative healing practices were commonplace. I was exposed to the indigenous Shamanic beliefs, Macrobiotics, Homeopathy, and other healing techniques from a very early age, and I learned to see the world as a magical fluid place. This knowledge has helped me design Feng Shui Consultation Processes that get the best results with the least amount of effort.

I signed up for Moni’s classes after she did a consultation for my home. I had read a number of books on Feng Shui, including “Feng Shui for Dummies,” but it was all so confusing!

I was feeling desperation in my personal life and I knew Feng Shui could help me. After the consultation, I went on to take some Feng Shui classes with Moni. Joining the training to become a Feng Shui consultant was a natural progression.

The training helped me feel more grounded. There are a lot of people today who talk about energy, but I wanted the security of knowing that I was tapping into an ancient art.

Melissa L. Sadler,
Feng Shui Consultant
Moline, IL


The Feng Shui for Us Consultant Training is done solely online.

The program is suitable for everyone – from beginners to established Feng Shui consultants.

It's a great tool to add for professionals in other fields, such as architects, designers, home organizers and healers.

The benefits of

ONLINE certification

versus LIVE seminars


The Feng Shui for Us Online Consultant Training enables you to start the course in just a few mouse clicks!


Balancing the demands of work and home is not an easy task. Our online training allows you to learn from home, work, or even while traveling – anywhere you have a smart phone, tablet or computer and an internet connection. The lessons are delivered as short videos. Each video teaches you only one Feng Shui concept or the solution to one specific Feng Shui problem, so you can advance a little bit at a time.


You save 50 to 70 percent of training expenses by eliminating travel costs. (On site Feng Shui consultant training programs usually require airfares and hotel fees for a whole week, plus taking time off from work and being away from family.)


Open your internet browser and follow the step-by-step course. All the hard work is done for you. You just have to dedicate one hour per week to study, by watching one short video at a time.


The lessons offered in this training program where created by me to be delivered as an online course, after having taught these courses with live audiences for years. The material is clear, easy to follow and exciting, and you can go back to it any time you want.


You will have my support every step of the way in a secret Facebook group I will create just for your training.


You decide when it is convenient to complete the Feng Shui for Us Online Consultant Training. If you can’t get it done until late at night, no problem! You make your own schedule for online training.


The Feng Shui for Us Online Consultant Training benefits different learning styles. Working by yourself allows you to work at your own speed. You can study material you have trouble understanding and review the lessons as needed.


The average learner's retention can be as low as 10 percent when listening to a lecture or reading material in person. Studies show that engaging, interactive, online training can increase learner retention to greater than 70 percent, and with repetition – something you can only do with an online training – you can reach full retention.

This online course gave me a mature, integrated & actual knowledge on Feng Shui. I have been able to ask questions on the topics of the course applied to my home, and always received complete video online answers!! This is one of the fabulous benefits we have!!

I have applied the necessary suggestions & cures on my own home and everyone who visits me always say: "Wow, what a nice place, so welcoming, I feel SO well here!!!"

If I have made my own place a harmonious, peaceful, beautiful place to live in.

Maria Feliza Gonzalez
Adamantine Therapist
Feng Shui

Quito, Ecuador





The Feng Shui for Us Online Consultant Training gives you everything you need to make a living by doing Feng Shui consultations for clients, including:


You will gain a deep knowledge of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System so that you can apply it to any home. Learn how to read spaces like a pro and know exactly what cures, enhancements or modifications to suggest for every Feng Shui issue you encounter in your clients' homes.


You will learn two ways to deliver Feng Shui consultations that produce amazing results and give you the most money for your time, while providing the best possible services for your clients. Learn how to find clients, how to interact with them and how to deliver a consultation in a way that your clients will love you forever.


Advice on how to get started with your Feng Shui Consultant Business.


With a license, you get marketing materials, website ideas and tutorials for websites and social media sites, brochure and business card templates, signature lectures and slideshows, so you can promote your business with style.


License and Certificate to practice the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System anywhere.


Professional resources, continuing education programs and support with your clients cases for as long as you remain a licensed Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant.


All you need is 1 hour per week!

As long as you can devote 1 hour every week to study your course you can get done in 9 months!

The content was very informative and easy to understand. I feel that I can go into a home or business and practice the 9 Steps System with ease and grace.

Moni was a great instructor, being a teacher myself I know the importance of conveying information in an effective way and not make the student feel "silly" for asking a question.

Moni answered all of my questions quickly and she made me feel excited about feng shui.

The videos were clear and detailed and were posted in a timely manner so that the course "flowed" and there weren't any interruptions because you could refer back to the manuals and charts that were included in the course.

I have previously read many books about feng shui but I was always confused about doing it as a profession because of the conflicting information out there.

Moni brings a fresh perspective that is both holistic and healing and she teaches it from a love paradigm which is absolutely awesome!

Tatia Biddle,
Feng Shui Consultant
Milwaukee, WI





Here's how it works:


Take the course End the Feng Shui Confusion so that you understand why the schools of Feng Shui are different and how to discern between good Feng Shui information and superstition. In this course you also learn how to explain Feng Shui to others in simple terms.


Go through the course The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System so you become familiar with each one of the nine steps that make up the method we use in all our consultations, and which gets the best results for our clients.


Apply the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System to your own home with Moni's help. As you do this, you will learn how to apply all nine steps to a home in a service called the Feng Shui Immersion Journey.


Study case histories so you can see the versatility of the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System and how it is applied to different types of homes, including suburban homes, ranch homes, multiple story homes, condos, apartments, and even mobile homes.


Prepare your soul to work with clients by getting attuned to Angelic Feng Shui Training, a clearing and healing modality that will help you shield yourself when you go on consultations, clear homes of negative energies and clear yourself after consultations so you don't take on your clients' problems.

Learn how to do a Feng Shui Essentials Consultation with your first Feng Shui client.


Sign the Licensing Agreement and get your certificate so you can start practicing right away, anywhere in the world. (License is free for the first year after graduation)


Get access to professional resources, such as the online consultant manual, marketing course and materials, wholesale discounts on Feng Shui cures and books, contact information for suppliers of crystals, continuing education and support with your clients' cases.


Enjoy the benefits of working as a Feng Shui consultant with solid knowledge and know-how, being able to handle any situations in the field, with the constant support and help from your instructor.

When I decided to train to become a consultant, I chose Moni’s training because of her background as an Architect, the knowledge that she had on the subject was very informative, but also because I saw ways to open people’s eyes to their home and surroundings.

The experience of training to become a consultant was great, – a very deep and Spiritual one for me. Acquiring this deep Feng Shui knowledge I realized I would have to be my own support in whatever path I chose. Feng Shui played a part in helping me find my life purpose, which is to be a Life Coach. As I work with clients, I see Feng Shui as one more tool to assist them in their path.

Moni’s teaching was great - I really did get a lot out of it. When I'm driving around I still look at homes and can feel if from the outside if it's good Feng Shui or not.

Lisa McClurg
Feng Shui Consultant & Life Coach
Bettendorf, IA

After you have completed the Feng Shui for Us Online Consultant Training, you will be able to start practicing as a Feng Shui Consultant right away!

After you graduate as a Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant, you will:

• Have confidence in your Feng Shui knowledge.

• Know what to do as soon as you walk into any clients' home.

• Be able to explain Feng Shui to your clients.

• Know how much to charge and how to talk about fees with clients.

• Be part of a community of Feng Shui consultants that love and encourage each other.

• Have access to Moni for help with clients's cases.

• Get 50% on all future courses!

• Get marketing materials, including templates for brochures and business cards, signature marketing lectures & slideshows.

• Have access to professional resources to help you promote and grow your business.



  1. Doing onsite Feng Shui Consultations at the homes of your clients. ($144 - $540)
  2. Long distance home consultations using social media. ($300)
  3. Teaching one day or half day workshops with materials provided my Moni. (min. $600)
  4. Evaluating floor plans for people who are about to build or remodel their homes.($300 per blue print)
  5. Helping clients figure out if a real estate purchase is Feng-Shui-Correct. ($99 - $144 per listing reviewed)

Step into a meaningful
new career doing
what you love.

After taking the course to become a Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant the actual business part begins. But... where to begin?

Moni provides instructions on how to promote the business, and help regarding the possible future situations with clients, and this helps one get ahead.

In the secret Facebook group, just for me and Moni, I can ask questions, get replies, get news and links to trainings that help me with those questions.

As if that wasn't enough, one can talk to her in a video call during her office hours once or twice a week.

It is good to have this continuous communication and awareness that I have support.

- Maria Neto, Feng Shui Consultant, Madeira, Portugal

What I look for in candidates to become Feng Shui Consultants:

1. Excellent understanding of written and spoken English.

2. Ability to understand floor plans.

3. Great communication skills.

4. Willingness to get out in their community, spread Feng Shui and find clients.

End the Feng Shui Confusion – for yourself and for others

When people try to apply
 Feng Shui to their homes
 by themselves, with no proper
 guidance, they 
get confused.

 often leads to mistakes, 
and making Feng Shui mistakes 
can ruin someone's luck.

Here's where Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultants come in.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui
 System® is a step by step 
method that gets it right every single 

By learning and applying this method, you'll help your clients turn 
their homes into dream homes, 
where they can enjoy happy 
times with family and friends.

Simply put, the result of your consultations for your clients will be
a happy life in a home they love and are proud to show!






Before you enroll, schedule a private online meeting with our customer success manager to:

  • Go over the program with you and see if we are a good match for each other, as student and teacher.

  • Let you know about current offers, which may include discounts, bonuses or a combination of both.

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