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Go Beyond the "Law of Attraction" - Raise Your Vibration to Manifest the Feng-Shui-Way!

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To Manifest is to make something happen in reality.

Are you:

  • Tired of doing things the hard way, and afraid that time is running out for you to reach your dreams and your goals?

  • Frustrated to see people do better than you, when they do not have your talent or work as hard as you do

  • Afraid that there is something you are missing in the way you approach life?

You Know There Has to Be an Easier Way!


You probably have heard that positive thinking, affirmations, and the right emotions can influence your present and your future.


  • Many people who saw the movie "The Secret" and tried using the "Law of Attraction," initially had great results, but then reached a plateau, and it stopped working for them.

  • Affirmations can backfire when you keep repeating something in a way that you know is not true, instead of stating your intent for the future.

  • Positive thinking needs to be followed by proper motivation and the right minimal actions.

Manifesting the Right Way

In Feng Shui, humans are considered the connectors of Heaven and Earth. We do this by taking thoughts, ideas, and inspirations from Heaven, then motivating ourselves through our emotions, in order to take the right actions, that will end up turning those thoughts, ideas and inspirations into realities. Watch the promo video above to learn more.

Manifesting is NOT done by"faking it until you make it."

If the Law of Attraction is not working for you, you need to take a look at this.

FEW PEOPLE KNOW that Feng Shui is still one of the BEST manifesting tools out there.

Join the Feng Shui Manifesting Course and learn to manifest greater happiness.


The course includes these modules, with four lessons each:

  1. How to Manifest Love
  2. How to Manifest Health/Family/Friends
  3. How to Manifest More Wealth
  4. How to Manifest Your Dream Home
  5. How to Manifest a New Car
  6. How to Manifest a Trip Abroad
  7. How to Manifest Fame and Reputation
  8. How to Manifest the Money to take a Training or to Hire Professional Services
  9. How to Manifest Money for the Purpose of Having More Money
  10. How to Manifest the Money to Pay a Large Debt
  11. How to Manifest Joy
  12. How to Manifest a Higher Vibrational Level
  13. How to Manifest Overall Happiness

This is a pre-recorded course, and it does not expire. You can watch it at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone.


There is a comment section under each of the videos where you can post questions. I will answer within 48 hours.

I will also invite you to join a Facebook group where you can post photos and videos of your home to get direct feedback from me.

I have long been a believer in the power of manifestation and am great at encouraging and supporting others with it, but struggle practicing it for myself, even consciously. With this course I got further reinforcement with things I already knew/know. It reminded me the control and responsibility I have in getting what I truly want.

The homework is VERY easy, and that's actually one of the things that makes (the course) effective. It shouldn't feel like so much work and it doesn't... Provokes thought and new perspectives!

During the month about manifesting love, there was one thing I actually once said to a romantic partner, and even though I'd actually thought and said it myself... hearing Moni say it gave it the strength and power I needed it to have. That was, "It's not about who your partner is, but who YOU are WITH them."

... I'm thinking about it, on purpose, and the homework makes me think about it too, and that's the greater part of manifestation, I believe -- thinking of what you want and learning who you are. Once you know what you really want and want what you really want and focus on that, the rest will fall in place.

Sharon Canovali
Next Address Realty
Greensboro, North Carolina

Your Feng Shui Guide

Moni Castaneda
Moni Castaneda

My name is Moni and I have made it my mission to take the confusion out of Feng Shui.

I help people turn their current homes into dream homes, where they can be happy with the people they love using a method I created called the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

My signature method draws on my modern architecture training, ancient East Asian space arrangement techniques and the principles of alternative healing. The application of this method results in a home that is a supportive partner.

I work closely with my clients to make the right choices in creating a beautiful home, primed to make wonderful memories and flowing with good chi.

The result of studying or working with me is a life you love in a home that you're proud to show.



MODULE 1: How to Manifest Money to Pay for a Training or Professional Services - Feng Shui Manifesting Course

Money is a middle-man and often it is better to ask for the things you want to manifest directly, instead of asking for the money to purchase those things. When it comes to getting a training or paying for professional services, though, most of the time you will need the money to pay for them. Previous participants in this course had fantastic results, that went beyond Moni’s expectations.


  • How to create a Feng Shui metaphysical cure to ask of Heaven the money you need to pay for a training or professional services, in a way that feels good and clean -- with no fear of having something bad happen to your because you have asked for money.
  • Why asking for several items at a time can be more powerful than only making one request, and how to receive multiple blessings.
  • How to cleanse your erroneous beliefs that money is "dirty" or that it will "soil" your soul.

Examples of what previous students have gotten with this course. Students:

  • Got a training for free, including travel expenses and hotel.
  • Found that they had things in their home that they could sell that were a lot more valuable than they had thought.
  • Found someone to do work for them for one third of the original estimate.
  • Got contracts for work that more than covered the expenses of the training/service they wanted to get.

Find out what this course can do for you!


MODULE 2: How to Manifest Money for the Purpose of Having More Money

Have you ever wondered what you are doing that keeps money away from you?

Do you feel like you have to justify to yourself your desire to make more money, so that you don't feel like a bad person for wanting it?

Would you like to clear your negative patterns about money?

If so, keep reading.

You do not need to make excuses to make more money, or to have the desire to make more money.

While having altruistic ideas of how you would help others if you made more money are wonderful, they are not requirements for you to be able to generate more income.

Making more money gives you the power of deciding how that money will be used. It is OK to use it to improve your standard of living, to give your children a great education, or to invest for a comfortable retirement. You can also choose it to help the causes and the people you truly believe in! The wonderful thing is that it is your choice.

  • Learn how to create spaces where making money feels good and natural.
  • Learn Feng Shui secret cures to increase your income to raise your standard of living through Feng Shui.
  • Change your beliefs about money, so that they don't hold you back, but rather propel you to new heights.

You have heard of the Law of Attraction. Well, Feng Shui takes it to a higher level, teaching how to "influence" your deeper mind to create a larger income by making small changes in your house, and taking simple actions in your life.

In the Manifesting Money for the Purpose of Having Money module (4 videos), you learn how your house is connected to your money lack, money loss, money "roller coaster" patterns, or "glass ceilings" regarding income.

Small and easy changes and cures can help you make increase your income, and/or make more of your money stay in your home. You will learn how to plan for raises in income, so that you don't lose the money faster than you got it.

The Feng Shui tools, cures and tips you will learn are easy to apply, have a profound impact in your deeper mind, and keep programming it to find more ways to make more money, in healthy ways.

Taking the Manifesting Money Course for the Purpose of Having More Money will:

  • Allow you to feel confident every time you have a windfall instead of afraid of where the money will end up going.
  • Help you feel more money is coming your way and that it will grow after reaching you.
  • Make you feel you are finally receiving an income that allows you to live your life, be responsible towards your family, and help your community -- without feeling you are stretching yourself too thin or being irresponsible with your financial future.

MODULE 3: How to Manifest the Money to Pay for a Large Debt

In order to manifest the money to pay a large debt, first you need to manifest the lifestyle and standard of living where making the monthly payments for your large debt would become easy, so that eventually you can accelerate the debt payment. To do this you need to embark on this path where you will discover that:

  • Money is not dirty and poverty is not a virtue.

  • You need to learn what the wealthy do that causes wealth instead of focusing on the things they do that are consequences of wealth.

  • You can only become wealthy through leverage, not hard work, longer hours, or even working smarter. Income only grows exponentially through leverage.

MODULE 4: How to Manifest Love

The world is filled with wrong messages and teachings about love. Love is the result of companionship and kindness.

Except where there is abuse or cheating, love grows over time.

Single or married, learn how to create an environment that promotes love.


• What colors, fabrics and other materials encourage good love relationships.

• Identify problems in the relationship corner of your home and learn how to fix them.

• Discover how being in touch with who you really are can be beneficial to a love relationship.

• Take a clear reading of what your home is saying regarding your attitudes towards love, and whether you are truly committed to a long term relationship.


MODULE 5: How to Manifest Health/Family/Friends

The Health, Family and Community Life Area is the area that you draw your strength from.

  • If you are suffering from health problems, this course will help you create an environment where healing becomes easier and more possible.

  • If you want to strengthen your family, your friendships and tap into the support you can get from a strong community of friends and/or around you, this is the class for you.

  • In this class you will learn what areas in the home have the most impact in how your deeper mind relates to health, family and the community in general. You will learn simple Feng Shui cures to create more harmony in this areas, so you can have clearer insights and intuition on how to proceed with important family or health decisions.

MODULE 6: How to Manifest More Wealth

If you wish to Manifest More Wealth in Your Life, the first step is to rid yourself of social programs that have taught that it is evil or wrong to do so.

  • Feng Shui sees the accumulation of wealth as a natural consequence of being an asset to your family and to your community.

  • Learn how to activate your Feng Shui to create environments where becoming wealthier becomes more probable and easier.

  • This course includes powerful affirmations for wealth, and a clearing designed to assist you to release your negative patterns about wealth, having things, and enjoying material goods.

  • Learn how to create a powerful Feng Shui Wealth Poster. A wealth poster works faster and much more efficiently that other tools, such as "vision boards" because it focuses on material things, while helping you release notions that you are a "bad person" for wanting the things you want.

  • You will also discover the best Feng Shui cures for wealth, which tap directly into your deeper mind. You will finally understand that it is natural to want more wealth, because it is the nature of wealth to grow.

MODULE 7: How to Manifest Your Dream Home

When I ask students what their dream home would be like, they usually describe their "vacation dream home." Their ideas of what they want come from something they enjoyed in a hotel room, or a vacation home they visited, or saw in a movie.

  • In this course, I help you find out what type of home would truly make you happy, by making it easier for you to live the life you are meant to live: a good life, a happy life.

  • To Manifest Your Dream Home, you need to know what it should look like, what you would like it to feel like, and what kind of happy life it would promote.

  • Most of my students start this course with an idea of what their dream home would look like, but as they learn more about themselves and their needs, as well as the needs of their families, they create a much more accurate picture of the dream that will truly make them happy.

  • Design Your Dream Home in your mind by choosing all the aspects of the best home for you, then use these fantastic tools to manifest it into your reality.

  • By using a succession of wealth posters, you will get a clear picture of your dream home, from the colors and materials of the floors, to the type of doors, to the activities to enjoy in your back yard. By using that clear picture, coupled with metaphysical Feng Shui cures, you will take the first steps towards manifesting the home of your dreams.

MODULE 8: How to Manifest a New Car

This course will help you find out what kind of car would make you truly happy and meet your expectations in needs, looks and comfort, as well as creating the right kind of environment that can help you manifest the best car for you.

  • Learn how to create a wish list for the car that will not only satisfy your dreams and desires, but which also will fulfill your needs and the needs of your loved ones.

  • Dare to look at the numbers of all that getting your dream car would mean, so you can manifest a new car from a place of certainty. Know that you know what you really want and need.

  • Learn how to create a Feng Shui Serendipity Cure.

  • This course includes a healing and clearing section for all negative or less than love frequencies remaining from accidents and incidents around cars,vehicles, roads, etc.

  • This aspect of the class was some of what students during the recording of this course found to be most useful, as they realized their feelings and beliefs stemming from car-related incidents were holding them back, not just in terms of acquiring a new vehicle, but in regards to their whole lives.

MODULE 9: How to Manifest a Trip Abroad

To Manifest a Trip Abroad, the first thing is to let go of all fears of bad things that could happen during the trip. The less fears you have, more possibilities open up.

  • The second thing you need to do is to make sure that your fears have no base in reality. In this class I teach you how to do that.

  • You will learn how to zero in on the country you want to visit, what things you need to research and how you need to prepare to make sure that your trip is safe and enjoyable — the experience of a lifetime!
  • The course includes simple Feng Shui cures and decluttering tips for the home that can help activate the Travel area.

MODULE 10: How to Manifest Joy

Joy is the natural state of the the healthy human being. We are all born knowing how to be happy and joyful, but at some point society taught you and encouraged you to lose your joy.

  • This class reveals ancient Feng Shui knowledge, once kept secret, but now available to you via this fun class. Be who you were meant to be.

  • Zero in on your patterns for anxiety, fears, and worries, so that you can release them.

  • Take a look at what makes you unique, and different from everyone else you know, and learn what important clues about your life mission can be gleamed from these.

  • Build your happiness as you build up the energy in your home, so that it becomes easier to manifest and experience joy.

MODULE 11: How to Manifest a Higher Vibration In All 9 Life Areas

You are a Spiritual Being having an experience as a Human Soul. Your Spirit comes from Heaven, and your Body from Earth.

This course answers for you the most important questions in life, and teaches you essential skills to improve YOUR Nine Life Areas.

  • You occupy a very important space and place in the cosmic design. Once you accept this wonderful reality, and learn how to take advantage of the tools life has given you, you can manifest a higher vibration just by being you.

  • In this module of the Feng Shui Manifesting Course you learn how to stop the behaviors and emotional habits that keep your vibration low. This simple act changes the direction of your life, and enables you to establish great and realistic goals for the future.

  • Identify the areas of chronic tension in your life, and learn how to release than tension. This will free up your spiritual energy to manifest the higher vibration of who you came to be.

  • Learn how to evaluate your life areas, and what are the best Feng Shui cures for your particular case.

MODULE 12: How to Manifest More Happiness

To Manifest More Happiness in all your life areas, first you need to understand the basic design of the universe and of human life. Once you understand your role in the wonderful cosmic design, it becomes easy to make the choices that will generate greater happiness in all aspects of your life.


  • What objects in your home are helping keep you in a state of unhappiness.

  • How to assert your individuality so you can be happier in all your relationships.

  • Techniques to heal the wounds of your inner child, and for becoming the champion for your own self that you wish your parents and caretakers had been.

  • Feng Shui cures for subtle soul retrieval, so you can manifest the kind of happiness that comes from being completely YOU.

MODULE 13: How to Manifest Fame and Reputation

Your Reputation is what people say and believe about you. Your Fame is how many people know about you, and how far they are – your reach. Learn how to increase both, to progress at work and in business.

  • Learn how the words that were used to describe you as a child keep determining the way you see yourself and describe yourself today, and how you may change that narrative.

  • Discover how your names, last name, nick names and terms of endearment act like mantras that are shaping your destiny.

  • Learn what types of clutter affect your reputation negatively, and how letting them go can improve the way you see yourself, and the way other people see you.

  • With this course, you will learn Feng Shui cures and secrets to have great Fame, Reputation and Social Life, by expressing the deepest truths about yourself, and the tasks you came to accomplish in this lifetime.

  • You will learn to be proud of who you are, and how to have a real appreciation for yourself, so you can love yourself with good cause.

When I first heard about Feng Shui it piqued my interest. But, when I tried learning about it on my own, I felt overwhelmed in the details and confused as to where and how to begin... When I found the Feng Shui Manifesting Course, I was excited to increase my knowledge. Not only are the classes presented in a simplified way, the information is easy to implement without feelings of overwhelm. I love the domino effect. I have experienced beautiful changes unfold in my business, money, and relationships. I highly recommend working with Moni.

Rosalie Juravle-Clark
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
BodyTalk Access for Animals - Trainer
At One Wellness
Feel. Better. Now.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I have questions?
Under each lesson, there is a section for comments. You can post your questions there, and Moni will answer them on the same page.

It's not just a matter of getting what you want, but wanting that which is best for you.

It's about taking the right steps to make your best dreams a reality.

Promoters of the "Law of Attraction" offer that they can teach you how to "get anything you want."

But what if what you want would not make you happy, or even worse -- be bad for you?

In Feng Shui Manifesting, we make sure first that you know how to want that which would:

  • Be for Your Highest Good

  • Make Your Happy

  • Be in Alignment with Who You Are and What You Came to Do

Get started now!