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A Subtle Feng Shui Spiritual Healing and Clearing Modality with Angelic Frequencies

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Are you worried about EMFs? Electromagnetic frequencies are everywhere now, and it gets worse every year.

You can reduce EMFs in your home, sure, but soon it won't matter.

It won't matter because even if you decide to turn off all electricity and all devices in your home, you will still get EMFs from your neighbors. Right now, you probably can already see that your devices pick up the signals from a few to several of your neighbors' WiFi services.

You might decide to go live in the boondocks, and give up all modern conveniences, but eventually there will be no spot in the planet where you won't be able to get a cell phone signal. Smart meters are replacing old meters everywhere in the developed world, and soon we'll have 5G networks.

The only way to combat the effects of EMFs is for you and your family to develop spiritual immunity to them.

But how can you do this?

Let me tell you a story:

This happened to me back when the iPhone had not come in the market, and flip phones were the rage. Quite a few years ago right? I had gotten a flip phone because they said in the news that flip phones exposed people to fewer EMFs.

Back then I had 2 friends with whom I spoke on the phone often. One of them was terrified of EMFs. She was so afraid of cell phones, that we never talked for more than 5 or ten minutes, 15 minutes tops. Whenever I talked to her my ear would get very hot and red, even though they were short conversations.

My other friend was aware of EMFs and considered them a problem, but he was not afraid of using his phone. Sometimes he and I would talk for over an hour. Even after an hour, talking to this friend, my ear would not get hot and it would not get red.

This happened several times. When I talked with the first friend for a few minutes, my ear got hot and red, and when I talked with my other friend using the same cell phone, my ear was just fine. I wanted to know why, so I mentioned it to my second friend, who was and still is a healer. He told me that he had put energetic and spiritual protections around all his devices included his cell phone and that this protections were probably extending to the people with whom he talked over the phone.

I was so surprised by this, it was amazing to think that a person could become spiritually and energetically immune to EMFs. EMFs are not going way, and they are only increasing every day. I asked my friend if he could create a vibrational medicine clearing and healing modality to help people become immune to EMFs.

My friend's name is Bill Austin and he is a vibrational healer. To my delight he said yes, and we worked on creating together a clearing and healing modality that combines several different tools to help people deal with EMFs:

Angelic Feng Shui Training

Together, Bill Austin and I created this healing and clearing image, which we use as the angelic Feng Shui Training logo.

This image contains the vibrational healing artwork Bill Austin created for this healing and clearing modality. He created this images and encoded them with spiritual and energetic protections so that every time people see them, they become less susceptible to the energetic aspects of EMFS. We called this modality Angelic Feng Shui Training, because it came with lots of angelic frequencies. When you get attuned to this modality, it becomes easier for you to ask for help from angels and archangels to increase your immunity to EMFs.

We have also created together a number of physical products that you can purchase for your home, like for example these stickers printed on bunker sticker material.

I cut these out into individual images and paste them on every single outlet and light switch in our home. That way every time we interact with an outlet or a light switch we are reminded that we are strengthening ourselves to protect ourselves from the energetic aspects of electro magnetic frequencies.

We also have other products such as boxes you can use to put your prayers in and even mugs so that all your drinks are also charged with the healing and healing frequencies of Angelic Feng Shui Training.


Angelic Feng Shui Training comes with healing and clearing images, encoded with angelic vibrations, MP3 Recordings to clear spaces (these recordings, by the way, are essential tools for every single realtor).

Angelic Feng Shui Training also comes with a spiritual attunement. This spiritual attunement is like a spiritual app that you download onto your soul so that you can perform spiritual and energetic clearings easily, with angelic help.

Your Feng Shui Guide

Bill Austin
Bill Austin

I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I live in Holiday, Florida in the United States and have been working as a healer full time for over eleven years. I am the founder of several energy healing modalities, the author of seven books and have trained healers in over sixteen countries. I am often called a healer's healer since most of my clients are healers as well.

I offer a wide variety of powerful, user friendly clearing and healing tools and healing support programs to empower healers, empaths and lightworkers to get clear, reclaim their power, heal their relationship with money, forgive and release their past, get into their heart and stop taking on other people's stuff!


  Angelic Feng Shui Training Attunement, Manuals and Recordings
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My partner and I own a Home Makeover business. We go into residential and commercial buildings and transform them from drab to spaces of warmth and beauty. My work also involves crossing spirits over and clearing spaces of negative residual energies. I use the Fast Clear Angelic Feng Shui mp3 and without a doubt, the vibrations are lifted and a tangible feeling of light pervades. I'm so grateful to have this tool on my spiritual kit. Many thanks to Moni Castaneda and Bill Austin.

I highly recommend the Angelic Fengshui System and mp3's to any and all who would like to bring the Angelic realms beautiful healing vibrations through.

Kass Nathan Starchild - Energy Worker and Healer.

The Angelic Feng Shui energy itself feels like a pristine stream running down a mountain over rocks--one that has been untouched by humankind!! When I send/run it, it's like looking in a mirror that has been fogged up by steam and I send the AFS and it's as tho I wiped my hand across the mirror clearing it. It's hard to describe--it's sparkly, pristine, clearing and centering all at the same time. I pretty much use it every day!

Nancy Walker, Energy Healer in Pennsylvania

Angelic Feng Shui is a Spiritual Healing and Clearing Modality created by Feng Shui Master Moni Castaneda and Vibrational Healer Bill Austin.

Angelic Feng Shui makes vibrational energetic corrections for Feng Shui issues that are hard to resolve by physical means, while also addressing and clearing subtle energetic problems in home, work and outdoors environments.

Angelic Feng Shui is especially useful:

  • When dealing with the effects of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and/or Geopathic Stress (natural discordant energies).

  • When dealing with less-than-love energies, frequencies or entities.

  • When a physical Feng Shui Cure is very difficult or impossible to apply.

  • For Practitioners, to help clear blocks related to specific aspects of Feng Shui corrections, like balancing of yin and yang energies, circulation of chi (the life force), living in harmony with the cycles of nature and the five elements, resistance to have conditions improve in the life areas, cluttering tendencies, etc.

  • For Realtors, to assist in the clearing process for real estate staging and sales.

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