Angelic Feng Shui - MP3 Recordings

A Subtle Feng Shui Spiritual Healing and Clearing Modality with Angelic Frequencies

Angelic Feng Shui Clearing Recordings

Clear your spaces as you listen to the beautiful sounds of alpha waves music.

Bill Austin has created two recordings that hold the vibrational frequencies of Angelic Feng Shui. You can use these recordings to clear and uplift the energy of the spaces where you live or work, and even to meditate.

For your home or office we offer MP3 Recordings with Angelic Feng Shui frequencies to clear and upgrade your energetic spaces at home, at the office or in your outdoor spaces.

The Angelic Feng Shui Accelerated Space Clearing Recording is a 12 minute compressed, fast-acting Angelic Feng Shui clearing recording for your home and work spaces.

The Angelic Feng Shui Meditation and Space Healing Recording is a 33 minute long mp3 track that can be used simultaneously for both healing yourself and clearing the spaces where you are listening to the recording.


It is essential to clear your home after something bad has happened that has charged the home with negative energy. Some examples of events that need to be cleared are:

  • Divorce.
  • Death that happened in the premises, especially if it was violent or if it happened after a long, painful agony.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Extended illness.


The energy of previous occupants impregnates a home that they have sold. In Feng Shui it is believed that it takes three years for bad habits of previous occupants to be transferred to owners if corrections aren't made.

If something bad has happened in a home (see above) that you just bought, you may not have any way of knowing about it. It is best to prevent. Clear all real estate property BEFORE moving in.


Sometimes a home doesn't sell because a family member of pet of the people trying to sell the home refuse to let go. Other times it won't sell because previous occupants charged it with negative energy. These clearing recordings help clear the energetic and spiritual blocks that may be preventing a home from selling.


These are excellent recordings to play in hotel rooms before you settle in or to clear conference rooms before a meeting.

Teachers can play them in the classroom before the class starts and church officials to clear the sanctuary before and after the service.

Healing professionals play these recordings to clear dense energies left in their practices. Realtors play them to clear stagnant energy from listings before a showing or open house.

These are essential for folks who live near the following:

  • Churches
  • Police Stations
  • Schools
  • Fire Stations
  • Gas Stations
  • Mortuaries
  • Cemeteries

There are also three focused clearing recordings for:

  • Clearing your home and all your belongings and the corresponding energetic patterns in your life and in your energetic spaces.
  • Clearing your home and your acupuncture meridians.
  • Clearing your home of the negative energetic effects of EMFs.


The Angelic Feng Shui Training Recordings come with healing and clearing images, encoded with angelic vibrations.

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Bill Austin
Bill Austin

I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I live in Holiday, Florida in the United States and have been working as a healer full time for over eleven years. I am the founder of several energy healing modalities, the author of seven books and have trained healers in over sixteen countries. I am often called a healer's healer since most of my clients are healers as well.

I offer a wide variety of powerful, user friendly clearing and healing tools and healing support programs to empower healers, empaths and lightworkers to get clear, reclaim their power, heal their relationship with money, forgive and release their past, get into their heart and stop taking on other people's stuff!


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My partner and I own a Home Makeover business. We go into residential and commercial buildings and transform them from drab to spaces of warmth and beauty. My work also involves crossing spirits over and clearing spaces of negative residual energies. I use the Fast Clear Angelic Feng Shui mp3 and without a doubt, the vibrations are lifted and a tangible feeling of light pervades. I'm so grateful to have this tool on my spiritual kit. Many thanks to Moni Castaneda and Bill Austin.

I highly recommend the Angelic Fengshui System and mp3's to any and all who would like to bring the Angelic realms beautiful healing vibrations through.

Kass Nathan Starchild - Energy Worker and Healer.

The Angelic Feng Shui energy itself feels like a pristine stream running down a mountain over rocks--one that has been untouched by humankind!! When I send/run it, it's like looking in a mirror that has been fogged up by steam and I send the AFS and it's as tho I wiped my hand across the mirror clearing it. It's hard to describe--it's sparkly, pristine, clearing and centering all at the same time. I pretty much use it every day!

Nancy Walker, Energy Healer in Pennsylvania

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