Angelic Feng Shui Training

A Subtle Feng Shui Spiritual Healing and Clearing Modality with Angelic Frequencies

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Angelic Feng Shui is a Healing and Clearing Modality created by Feng Shui Master Moni Castaneda and Vibrational Healer Bill Austin.

Angelic Feng Shui makes vibrational energetic corrections for Feng Shui issues that are hard to resolve by physical means, while also addressing and clearing subtle energetic problems in home, work and outdoors environments.

Angelic Feng Shui Training is an online self-learning program that provides you with all you need to clear subtle energies and upgrade and uplift the vibrational frequency of a space.

Until I was in my late 20's I didn't believe ghosts were real. But then I became interested in Feng Shui.

It wasn't very long since I started doing consultations that I found my first ghost, and then another, and then another, and then it just became part of the routine! The stories I could share with you!

It wasn't just ghosts, it was all sorts of weird beings, presences and entities. Sometimes, it wasn't actual beings, but just negative charges that the previous occupants of homes or businesses had left behind.

Whenever something bad has happened in a home or business, there is a negative charge. Some of the most common mishaps that create energetic or spiritual contamination in a place are:

  • divorces
  • violent deaths
  • deaths that followed long and painful agonies
  • pornography
  • cheating
  • bad handling of money
  • bankruptcy

Back in the day, I used a traditional clearing method that took over an hour to complete. Too long! Not only that, but doing this depleted me. At the end of every clearing, I had to go home to take a salt bath, and the next day was lost for me. I was good for nothing.

I never felt fear while clearing homes, the fear hit me after. What if I didn't manage to clear it all? What if "something" followed me home?

I also worried about the students that I had certified in my method the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System – what if they found something during consultations that they couldn't handle?


I needed to find a better clearing method for the homes and businesses of my clients, so I asked vibrational healing Bill Austin to work with me in creating a clearing and healing modality for homes and businesses that would be easy and safe to do for anyone.

Bill suggested that these clearings would be a lot easier and safer to do for any person, even folks with no previous training, if they had angelic help, and that is how Angelic Feng Shui Training was born.

When you use the Angelic Feng Shui Training tools, you are basically asking the angels to do the work for you. This has several advantages:

  • It leaves you own spiritual energy intact, untouched, as all clearings are done by angelic energy.
  • It protects you from being affected by any negative or harmful energies or beings.
  • The clearings are done at a deeper level than can be done by any earthly methods.
  • Clearings may be done long distance.

Angelic Feng Shui Training comes with healing and clearing images, encoded with angelic vibrations, MP3 Recordings to clear spaces (these recordings, by the way, are essential tools for every single realtor).

Angelic Feng Shui Training also comes with a spiritual attunement. This spiritual attunement is like a spiritual app that you download onto your soul so that you can perform spiritual and energetic clearings easily, with angelic help.

It takes 3 years, at the most, for the negative energy left in a building by previous occupants to start affecting you. You may not notice these energies in the beginning, but they are there, and they are having a cumulative effect.

For your home or business to have good Feng Shui, good chi, good energy, you must clear these negative energies.

You could hire me to do it for you, or you can learn to do this yourself. See below:


If you are not dealing with ghost or other presences but just with negative energies left by previous occupants, you can use the Angelic Feng Shui Training MP3 recordings to clear these spaces. For mild cases, playing the recording one time may be enough, but for more complicated cases, you may need to play the recordings every day for 21 days. There are two recordings. The 12 minute recording is used to clear spaces fast. The 33 minute recording is used to clear your own energetic spaces at the same time as you clear a physical space.

Now, if you think you may be dealing with actual ghosts, presences, entities, elementals or any other beings that are not for the Highest Good of you or your family, you can still hire me or Bill to do a clearing for you, or you can get attuned to Angelic Feng Shui Training. This attunement will give you the spiritual tools to address all of these problems on your own, with the aid of the angels and the archangels. The training is done long distance and comes with a very easy to use manual. With the complete training, you also get the two clearing recordings.

Your Instructor

Bill Austin
Bill Austin

I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I live in Holiday, Florida in the United States and have been working as a healer full time for over eleven years. I am the founder of several energy healing modalities, the author of seven books and have trained healers in over sixteen countries. I am often called a healer's healer since most of my clients are healers as well.

I offer a wide variety of powerful, user friendly clearing and healing tools and healing support programs to empower healers, empaths and lightworkers to get clear, reclaim their power, heal their relationship with money, forgive and release their past, get into their heart and stop taking on other people's stuff!

My partner and I own a Home Makeover business. We go into residential and commercial buildings and transform them from drab to spaces of warmth and beauty. My work also involves crossing spirits over and clearing spaces of negative residual energies. I use the Fast Clear Angelic Feng Shui mp3 and without a doubt, the vibrations are lifted and a tangible feeling of light pervades. I'm so grateful to have this tool on my spiritual kit. Many thanks to Moni Castaneda and Bill Austin.

I highly recommend the Angelic Fengshui System and mp3's to any and all who would like to bring the Angelic realms beautiful healing vibrations through.

Kass Nathan Starchild - Energy Worker and Healer.

The Angelic Feng Shui energy itself feels like a pristine stream running down a mountain over rocks--one that has been untouched by humankind!! When I send/run it, it's like looking in a mirror that has been fogged up by steam and I send the AFS and it's as tho I wiped my hand across the mirror clearing it. It's hard to describe--it's sparkly, pristine, clearing and centering all at the same time. I pretty much use it every day!

Nancy Walker, Energy Healer in Pennsylvania


Folks that have become attuned to Angelic Feng Shui Training or purchased the clearing recordings have reported amazing results such as:

  • Clearing homes were people had committed suicide or suffered a violent or painful death.

  • Realtors have sold homes that had been listed for months with no serious interest, after just one clearing.

  • Empaths have reported becoming able to maintain healthy energetic boundaries, becoming less sensitive to the suffering from the human energy matrix.

  • Parents have reported using the recordings to help their children get cleared after they watched, read, or heard something that scared them, thus avoiding nightmares.

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